Dear boyfriends, make us happy and prepare us breakfast sometimes

This is not a subliminal message to my significant other, but to all of you guys. You don’t need to be a girl nor Einstein to prepare some food for breakfast. I swear. So… Tomorrow morning, maybe you could surprise us with a little something? We don’t (only) need diamond rings to make us happy. Really. Just a little bit of love and homemade things can be enough (ok. Maybe it won’t work for a whole lifetime happiness, but for sure it’s perfect on sunday mornings).

And today’s recipe is: pancakes.

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Homemade yoghurts

… or how I am reducing my ecological footprint from breakfast.

Did you know: plastic yoghurt cups can’t be recycled. So if you eat 2 yoghurts per day, you throw 730 plastics cups to be burned per year. Our home throws at least 2920 per year. So, from now, I decided to make my own yoghurts at home, in glasses. It is eco-friendly and cheaper (50% of savings on organic yoghurts). Beautiful isn’t it?

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