Macarons from Amiens

Keeping my promises: another recipe before Christmas! Those beautiful almond treats were given to me from a very good friend of mine who moved to Amiens. I had never heard of them before but since the first bite, I’ve become addicted!¬†They are very sweet and are perfect for coffee time.

I took the recipe from the official Amiens city website, I am only translating for you to try them at home. French recipe is available here

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Chocolate bites

With Christmas comes new recipe! For those of you, who are fond of the christmassy time, I will try to post few recipes before the D-day (talking about the 25th, with all the food, love and family. Not the supposed-to-be-once-again end of the world)

Here is the first one: little chocolate something. They look like cookies, but are as soft as cake. We knew the half empty vs half full glass. Here is the half cookie/half cake issue (isn’t in more fun?)


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